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Tips for using Hair Fibers

hair fiber

Hair fibers are particularly good at masking baldness. The protein used to create the fibers of hair is keratin, just like actual hair. Your existing hair will stick to these threads, giving you a fuller appearance and hiding any bald areas. As a result, hair fibers are frequently referred to as hair concealer or hair camouflage.

However, it takes some expertise to properly style the hair and use the hair fibers to make the thinner patches look fuller. Using hair fibers will quickly improve the appearance of thinning hair. The 10 Tips below will help you make the most of your hair fibers.

Tips for using Hair Fibers

Tip #1: use the hair fibers on dry hair

Static electricity is used to hold the hair fibers to the existing hair. It is advised to apply the hair fibers when the hair is completely dry for the best adhesion to the hair. In addition, the fibers could bunch up when used on wet hair.

When using gel, use it before styling the hair with fibers, then wait for the gel to completely dry before continuing. Gel hinders the appropriate adhesion of the hair strands. Less hair is available for the hair fibers to cling to since gel causes the hairs to clump together. Therefore, it is not suggested to use a gel for optimal effects.

LOOKTHICK Fiber hold spray is advised for improved hair adherence and fixing. Without being wiped off during application, the spray bonds the hair strands to the hair. The spray will also attach the hair, aiding in maintaining the styling.

Tip #2: Pick the proper color

18 natural colors are offered for hair fibers by Lookthick. Pick a hue that complements the color of your hair the best. You can also combine two hues to better approach your hair color. Your hair is dark blonde, right? Try combining the hues medium blonde and light brown.

Apply each color separately, using the darker color as a basis before moving on to the lighter hue. The optimal outcome will be attained in this manner. The color tones on computer screens could be warped. So that you may select the appropriate color, you need to confirm that the computer has the correct color settings.

Tip #3: Think about how the strands need to be able to stick together.

No matter how tiny the hairs may be, static electricity causes the fibers to stick to the existing hair. Therefore, the fibers may cause even the thinnest hairs to thicken. When the fibers are just applied to the scalp to completely cover it, they are not at their finest. Even so, it doesn’t matter whether fibers land on the scalp. Occasionally, it will appear in recordings that someone has a bald spot that has been completely covered by the use of fibers, but this is only because there are still very tiny hairs present for the fibers to stick to.

Apply each color separately, using the darker color as a basis before moving on to the lighter hue. The optimal outcome will be attained in this manner. The color tones on computer screens could be warped. So that you may select the appropriate color, you need to confirm that the computer has the correct color settings.

Tip #4: Use the appropriate quantity

It’s advised to avoid using too many hair fibers for results that look natural. Typically, a little account is sufficient to get positive results. A lot of applications could make it appear odd.

Your preferences, hair type, color, and other factors will determine how many fibers you need. It takes effort, persistence, and some experience to find the proper amount to utilize. Instead of utilizing more fibers, it is simpler to get a natural-looking outcome by using fewer. In order to achieve a stronger result, experiment with applying hair fibers after beginning with tiny amounts.

In addition, putting the hair fibers in layers over numerous “stages” is preferable to applying a large amount at once. Apply a layer, pat the hair with your fingers to spread out the fibers, or very superficially brush the hair with a coarse brush. Ascertain whether you require additional fibers and if so, add more as necessary. Until you are satisfied with the outcome, repeat this.

For extra-strong adherence, the fibers can optionally be fixated in between using fiber hold spray. Before adding the next “layer,” ensure sure the spray is totally dry.

Tip #5: Use the hair fiber applicator spray

With keratin hair fibers, the hair fiber applicator is a highly useful accessory. It is an apparatus that is compatible with a bottle of hair fibers. The applicator ensures that the hair fibers may be administered to the thinning areas with greater precision. Additionally, it makes uniform fiber dispersion easier. As a result, the applicator offers a more natural appearance and also a more cost-effective use.

Both the 12 grams and 28 grams bottles of hair fiber can be used with the applicator.

We suggest shaking the hair fibers bottle frequently before applying them with the applicator. In this manner, the hair strands maintain their free form and the applicator may disseminate them more evenly. It might be difficult to get a natural-looking hairline, especially at first. Again, it’s crucial to sprinkle sparingly and to avoid over-sprinkling the front. Here, the hairline optimizer may be helpful.

It’s crucial to achieve a flawless, natural-looking hairline while the hairline is thinning. By distributing the hair fibers evenly throughout the hair and removing the extra hair fibers, this is very definitely doable. Of course, you are wasting priceless hair fibers by doing this.

You ought to employ the hairline optimizer for this reason. Your hairline will always look natural thanks to this. In addition, it is more effective because the application is quicker and uses fewer hair strands.

Tip #6: Be careful with water and moisture

Water is bad for it, just like a hair product is. The hair fibers can be removed with a pool dip, a shower, or a downpour. Do you intend to engage in vigorous exercise? Prior to use, rinse the hair fibers. This impact may be delayed by the fixative spray; however, the spray will also be removed with water.

Tip #7: Use a thickening shampoo or a hair growth shampoo to wash your hair

The foundation for putting hair fibers is obviously healthy hair that you already have. Use an efficient shampoo to wash your hair because of this. Additionally, it can encourage hair development while also nourishing and caring for your hair. Use both a nourishing shampoo and a thickening shampoo for the greatest results. Your hair will start to seem better and fuller, and you’ll eventually need to use less hair fibers to mask the hair loss.

Tip #8: Don't spend a lot of money if you don't have to

Many companies that sell hair fibers are significantly more inexpensive because these are far more expensive than the Lookthick hair fibers that we sell. You can buy effective products at affordable prices only on Lookthick and regain your lost confidence.

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